Learn strategy consulting secrets. So you can talk strategy with the CEO.

A four-week course designed by a former strategy consultant to help you understand, practice and implement the principles of strategy consulting in your work

    Taken By Employees At Leading Global Companies

    Indra Nooyi On How Consulting Helped Her Become CEO of Pepsi

    I don’t think I could have gotten here without a strategy consultant background because it taught me inductive thinking. It taught me how to think of the problem in micro terms but also to zoom out and put the problem in the context of its broader environment and then zoom back in to solve the problem

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    Why Do Former Consultants Advance So Fast In Their Careers?

    It Starts With Simple, Powerful Frameworks

    Pyramid Principle

    A way to structure your thinking to make compelling & persuasive arguments


    A method of organizing information that makes it easier for others to understand

    PowerPoint Storytelling

    Present data and tell a stories in a way that doesn't put your audience to sleep

    I created StrategyU to create a structured environment to help knowledge professionals learn and practice these skills

    (without the 80-hour weeks!)

    Simple, But Not Easy

    These principles seem obvious but when applied can be a challenge to master without proper coaching and feedback

    Many Organizations Don't Incentivize Excellence

    Most feedback in organizations is focused on manager pet peeves rather than what might enable people to create exceptional work

    This Course Is Designed For

    Senior Execs

    Hands-on executives without strategy consulting experience that want to level up their thinking for Board & Investor presentations


    Motivated self-employed professionals that want to improve their structure, communication and synthesis in their client work

    Business Owners

    Driven entrepreneurs who want to improve how they think about strategic business problems and improve how they communicate to their company


    University and MBA students who don't necessarily want to work in consulting but want to learn the skills from the industry

    This course helped me get promoted! It provides a framework to communicate complex business problems in a clear and concise manner. I wish I knew about MECE sooner. 10 out of 10, would recommend!
    Andrew Kappel

    Global Manager, Business Development

    Jeff, Private Equity

    "The StrategyU toolkit is one of the main reasons I landed a job in consulting."

    Amita, UN Director

    "I learned how to create, sharp, engaging, and persuasive presentations.

    Sid, Tech Executive

    "The ideas and coaching session from the course helped me fine tune a CEO-level presentation"

    Four Modules - Each With a Challenging Assignment To Help You Practice The Skills

    Week 1 - Mindset & Consulting 101 🧠
    • Module #1 - Consulting Mindset: Introduction to the basic consulting mindsets, mental models & consulting process
    Week 2 - Synthesis & Structuring 🎯
    • Module #2 - MECE Mind: The powerful framework to help you sharpen your thinking
    • Module #3 - From Information To Insight: Introduction to the pyramid principle and synthesizing & organizing complex information
    •  βœ” Assignment: Consulting services MECE assignment & mock chief of staff research assignment
    Week 3 - Real-World Problem Solving πŸ”¬
    • Module #4 - Real World Problem Solving: Using MECE, Pyramid Principle and hypothesis tools to break down real-world problems into problems that can be solved
    • βœ” Assignment: Using SCQA & issue tress in a real-life Facebook strategy case study
    Week 4 - Kick-Ass Presentations πŸ“Š
    Module #5: Master flow & understand how to craft your message to different audiences

    Module #6: Implement tools from cognitive neuroscience and other disciplines to create memorable messages

    βœ” Assignment: Fill in the gaps (titles, takeaways, charts) of an incomplete ~20 page "pitch" deck to create a compelling presentation

    300+ Students From 36 Countries


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    • Hey I'm Paul, The Creator πŸ‘‹

      I created StrategyU after 10 years in the consulting industry, including experience at McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group.

      My personal mission with this course is to help high-performers learn the fundamental mindsets, skills & frameworks without having to make a major career change to work in strategy consulting.

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