Tell A Story Worth Hearing

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Create Memorable Content & Tell Compelling Stories

This course is based on my 10+ years working as a strategy consultant and as an expert in sitting through hundreds of presentations and reading countless reports that made me want to cringe.

I want to help you be better than that. I will help you communicate simply, powerfully & persuasively.


  • How to use the MECE and Pyramid Principle frameworks to help you structure your ideas
  • How to decide which types of presentations to use and how to organize your story
  • The powerpoint tricks that strategy consultants use tell a persuasive story
  • How to use persuasion science to use emotion & create powerful memories in your audience

Example Lessons

Consulting Secrets

PowerPoint Tricks

Persuasion Tricks

MECE Principle

Slide Design Tips


Bonus: 100+ PowerPoint Templates

A customized deck of 100+ templates based on real consulting team slides that you will actually use

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Choose from the three options:

100+ Consulting Templates

  • 100+ PowerPoint Templates
  • Real Slides You'll Actually Use
  • Agenda, divider slides, information slides, tables, process charts, graphs, maps, icons & more

PowerPoint & Persuasion

  • PowerPoint Templates ($29 Value)
  • Basic MECE & Pyramid Principles
  • PowerPoint Slide design & storytelling
  • Communication & Persuasion Principles
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Think Like A Strategy Consultant

  • In-depth course on consulting principles and skills for thinking
  • Advanced consulting skills: SCQA, MECE, Pyramid Principle, Issue Trees
  • Real-world practice case: Facebook
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